Background information

Bird Conservation Regions (BCR)

In order to plan conservation actions in North America, North American Bird Conservation Initiative partners from the United States, Mexico, and Canada developed a common, ecologically based set of 'ecoregions' appropriate to birds throughout North America. Bird Conservation Regions (BCR’s) function as the primary units within which biological planning is undertaken.

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Map showing the Bird Conservation Regions
Arctic Plains and Mountains Northwestern Interior Forest Nothern Pacific Rainforest Boreal Taiga Plains Taiga Shield and Hudson Plains Boreal Softwood Shield Great Basin Northern Rockies Prairie Potholes Boreal Hardwood Transition Boreal Hardwood Transition Lower Great Lakes / St. Lawrence Plain Atlantic Northern Forests
  Arctic Plains and Mountains (BCR 3)
  Northwestern Interior Forest (BCR 4)
  Northern Pacific Rainforest (BCR 5)
  Boreal Taiga Plains (BCR 6)
  Taiga Shield and Hudson Plains (BCR 7)
  Boreal Softwood Shield (BCR 8)
  Great Basin (BCR 9)
  Northern Rockies (BCR 10)
  Prairie Potholes (BCR 11)
  Boreal Hardwood Transition (BCR 12)
  Lower Great Lakes / St. Lawrence Plain (BCR 13)
  Atlantic Northern Forests (BCR 14)