Background information

Cooperative Yukon roadside Waterfowl Breeding Population Survey

Waterfowl populations were monitored in wetlands located along the road system in southern Yukon. This survey was done cooperatively by the Canadian Wildlife Service and the Yukon territorial government between 1991 and 2016. The survey consisted of counts conducted 4 or 5 times between early May and mid-June in a sample of wetlands. The program surveyed more than 200 wetlands along the Southern road system each year. The program was discontinued after the 2016 field season, as the wetlands selection was determined non-random and not representative of the available off-road habitat. In 2017 a pilot study was initiated to attempt to combine waterfowl and landbird monitoring programs in the Yukon. This inventory will replace Cooperative Yukon Roadside Waterfowl Breeding Population Survey once it will become operational.