Population status

American Golden-Plover
(Pluvialis dominica)

During fall migration, American Golden-Plovers stop at locations along the Atlantic coast and then many are believed to undertake a non-stop flight to South America (Johnson and Connors 2010). Surveys at migratory stopover locations provide the best indication of the species' status; results suggest a large decrease in the continental population relative to the early 1970s. However, because many American Golden-Plovers make long-distance flights over the areas most heavily surveyed, only a small and variable fraction of the population is counted in each year. Consequently, the precision of these results is poor. Furthermore, results are not specific to the Canadian population and thus the population assessment for this species is considered to have low reliability. A large-scale survey from the breeding grounds would be preferable. In the Rasmussen lowlands, the species decreased substantially in abundance between the 1970s and 1990s (Gratto-Trevor et al. 1998), providing some support for a decrease, but this regional survey provides little basis for assessment of the current, range-wide trend.


Analyses of Shorebird Migration Monitoring Data

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Table 1: Population trends by geographic area
Geographic areaTime PeriodAnnual trend Table 1 - footnote 1 Limits
Continental Select to view graph of the geographic area: Continental 1974-2013; Analyses of Shorebird Migration Monitoring Data1974-2013-4.07-9.690.4