Population status

Long-tailed Duck
(Clangula hyemalis)

The population of Long-tailed Duck in western boreal Canada is estimated at about 80,000 birds (last 10-year average). Trends from the Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey suggest a decline of approximately 3% annually between 1952 and 2012. However, the population appears to have increeased during the 2008-2012 period. Yet, the current population survey covers only a small portion of northwestern Canada, which represents a very small portion of their overall breeding range thus there is some uncertainty in the assessment of the population status. Because of the lack of information, a national population goal for the Long-tailed Duck has not yet been determined. Detailed information on the population status of waterfowl species is available in the Population Status of Migratory Game Birds in Canada report (summarized version). To obtain a copy of the full version of this report, including tables and graphs, please contact ec.scf-oismiggibiers-cws-miggamebirds.ec@canada.ca.


Population goal and acceptable levels of variation

Species/groupGoalLower levelUpper level
CanadaTo be determinedTo be determinedNot applicable

British Columbia Coastal Waterbird Survey

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Table 1: Population trends by geographic area
Geographic areaTime PeriodAnnual Trend Table 1 - footnote 1 Limits
British Columbia coast1999-2016-6.8-9.3-4.1