Population status

Tundra Swan
(Cygnus columbianus)

Tundra Swan populations are primarily monitored through the Mid-Winter Survey. Numbers for the Eastern population and Western population appear to be stable over the last decade. Both populations have also succeeded their respective North American Waterfowl Management Plan goals (North American Waterfowl Management Plan 2012); and are at an acceptable level relative to their national population goals. Detailed information on the population status of waterfowl species is available in the Population Status of Migratory Game Birds in Canada report (summarized version). To obtain a copy of the full version of this report, including tables and graphs, please contact ec.scf-oismiggibiers-cws-miggamebirds.ec@canada.ca.


Population goal and acceptable levels of variation

Species/groupGoalLower levelUpper level
Tundra SwanMean abundance (2008-2012)Goal minus 25% Not applicable