Trend results for Hudsonian Godwit

A comprehensive assessment of this species' status is available, on the Status of Birds in Canada web site, or for waterfowl, in the most recent report on the Migratory game bird hunting.

There are insufficient Breeding Bird Survey data to estimate trends for this species.

This web site may be cited as: Smith, A.C., Hudson, M-A.R. Aponte, V.I., and Francis, C.M. 2020. North American Breeding Bird Survey - Canadian Trends Website, Data-version 2019. Environment and Climate Change Canada, Gatineau, Quebec, K1A 0H3

Any use of these BBS results for Canada should acknowledge the hundreds of skilled volunteers in Canada who have participated in the BBS over the years and those who have served as provincial or territorial coordinators for the BBS.

  1. Smith, A. C., & Edwards, B. P. M. (2020). North American Breeding Bird Survey status and trend estimates to inform a wide range of conservation needs, using a flexible Bayesian hierarchical generalized additive model. The Condor, duaa065.
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