Annual index results for New Brunswick

Annual index graph for: Olive-sided Flycatcher

Note: the range of the vertical axis has been scaled to highlight pattern in the annual indices. If estimates are imprecise, the graph may not include the upper credible limits.

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Annual indices for Olive-sided Flycatcher in New Brunswick
Year Annual index Lower limit Upper limit
2009 0.317 0.229 0.436
2010 0.282 0.206 0.389
2011 0.263 0.193 0.367
2012 0.255 0.18 0.362
2013 0.234 0.164 0.332
2014 0.221 0.151 0.327
2015 0.205 0.139 0.303
2016 0.194 0.127 0.297
2017 0.176 0.109 0.284
2018 0.169 0.1 0.286
2019 0.16 0.0872 0.283

Geographic area included in the Short-term trend for the Olive-sided Flycatcher

Map displaying regions covered by analysis of species: Olive-sided Flycatcher
      Coloured = Regions (analytical strata) included in trend estimate. The colour of the region reflects the approximate population trend in the region. The categories of trends based on the %/year values are indicated in the legend on the right, and the specific values can be found by searching on the analytical stratum trends for the same time-period and species.
      White = Regions not included in trend estimate

Bird Conservation Regions (BCR) with data included in Short-term trend estimates for New Brunswick

Bird Conservation Regions (BCR) with data excluded from long-term trend estimates for New Brunswick, but included in short-term estimates

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Any use of these BBS results for Canada should acknowledge the hundreds of skilled volunteers in Canada who have participated in the BBS over the years and those who have served as provincial or territorial coordinators for the BBS.

  1. Smith, A. C., & Edwards, B. P. M. (2020). North American Breeding Bird Survey status and trend estimates to inform a wide range of conservation needs, using a flexible Bayesian hierarchical generalized additive model. The Condor, duaa065.
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