Notice of permit

Regional or Local Number: 10954

Notice is hereby given that pursuant to the provisions of section 73 of the Species at Risk Act permit no. 10954 is issued.

Scientific research for the conservation of the species

Capture and mark migratory birds

Start Date: 2021-05-12   End Date: 2023-12-31

Issuing Authority: Environment Canada

Authority Used:

  • Species at Risk Act

Location of Activity (province, territory or ocean):

  • Northwest Territories
  • Nunavut
  • Yukon

Affected Species:

1. Collection of these data require that individuals be uniquely marked. A strict protocol is in place which minimizes disturbance to birds and their habitiat. Alternatives are not as reliable, and more stressful to birds. 2. There are well-established techniques for safely capturing and marking birds when done by qualified individuals. 3. Measures to minimize the impact of the activity on species at risk include: - Capture methods are appropriate for target species - Displacement of individuals is limited - Number of visitors on-site is limited - Time spent at nest site or in colony is limited - Sample size is limited - Use of invasive methods is limited - Handling time and/or number of handlers is limited - Use of highly qualified and experienced staff - Use of well-established scientific protocols - Activities are scheduled to avoid disturbance during sensitive periods - Activities are restricted to days with clement weather - Site clearing is limited - Disturbed areas are restored to pre-project conditions - Disturbance to waterbodies is limited - Use existing roads and trails for access - Predator contingency plan is in place - Species at risk are prioritized during capture and processing 4. All staff and collaborators are experienced, hold banding permits and have previously worked with this species. If any impact of banding is noted, marking will be stopped immediately and problems reported to the Bird Banding Office and the recovery team. 5. Yes, the capturing and handling of the birds will be conducted by qualified individuals with banding permits.

Other Relevant Information:
10954 A, B,C

Contact Person(s)
Bird Banding Office
Canadian Wildlife Service
National Wildlife Research Centre
Carleton University
Raven Road (on campus)
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0H3
Tel: 613-998-0515

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